Network Visibility

Endace is a world leader in network visibility and network recording. Our products are trusted by large organizations all over the world to measure, monitor, analyze, protect and troubleshoot some of the fastest and most complex networks on earth.

Products at a glance

  • Guaranteed 100% accurate capture and storage of network traffic regardless of network types, speeds or loads
  • Open architecture for easy integration with third-party commercial, open-source and custom-built applications
  • Highly scalable solutions for monitoring and recording on multi-10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps networks at full line rate
  • Innovative, multi-functional EndaceProbes™ which combine accurate, high-performance monitoring and recording with the ability to host network applications
  • A uniquely powerful, network-wide visualization tool - EndaceVision™ - that delivers complete network visibility for faster network issue identification and remediation and allows network operations, applications and security teams to collaborate more effectively
  • Industry-leading performance and reliability

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Endace Products

Since 2001, Endace has provided high-speed, network visibility solutions to operators of the world’s largest, most complex networks including global banks, telecommunications and mobile carriers, media and broadcast companies, health organizations, e-commerce giants, governments and defence agencies. Endace solutions deliver the actionable network data customers need for security and network performance issue identification and resolution. Endace's 100% accurate network capture and recording allows organizations to meet regulatory and governance obligations such as security monitoring and analysis, archival and lawful intercept.

Our customers choose Endace because:

  • We guarantee 100% accurate capture and storage of network traffic regardless of network types, speeds or loads. See why 100% accurate network packet capture matters for network security and performance management
  • Our open philosophy means Endace solutions integrate easily with a broad range of commercial, open-source and custom-developed security and network performance solutions
  • Our solutions are highly scalable and capable of supporting the largest, fastest and most complex networks.

Endace solutions are used wherever customers need access to a 100% accurate record of network packets as a reliable, irrefutable data source for the identification and resolution of security or network performance issues, or where lossless capture and storage of network traffic is a requirement.

Endace Systems

EndaceProbe Network Recorders

EndaceProbe™ appliances capture network traffic with 100% accuracy up to 40Gbps, delivering the detailed data needed to identify, investigate and resolve network security and performance issues quickly. With EndaceVision™ included, EndaceProbes offer full network visibility for SecOps and NetOps.

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EndaceFlow NetFlow Generators

NetFlow is the core input into a wide variety of different detection tools but using routers and switches to generate it doesn’t always make sense, particularly in high-speed environments. EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generators are designed specifically to offload the work from network elements and deliver 100% accurate NetFlow in the right format to the tools that need to consume it.

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EndaceAccess Network Visibility Head-Ends

EndaceAccess™ Head-Ends give organizations visibility into to the data on 40GbE and 100GbE links. This allows them to measure, monitor and protect their networks with existing 10Gbps-capable security and monitoring tools.

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EndaceCMS Central Management Server

EndaceCMS™ Central Management Server provides sophisticated, centralized command and control for an entire estate of connected EndaceProbes, EndaceFlow NetFlow Generators and EndaceAccess Head-Ends. EndaceCMS offers real-time health monitoring, easy configuration management and simple control of system software updates and patches for all connected Endace appliances.

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EndaceVision Network Visibility Software

Included on every EndaceProbe, EndaceVision™ is a powerful, browser-based Network Visualization application that helps IT teams investigate and resolve a wide range of security and network related issues. EndaceVision enables network engineers and security analysts to search, visualize and interrogate historical network traffic recorded by EndaceProbes deployed across the network.

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Endace Solution Components

EndaceODE Open Application Platforms

EndaceODE™ appliances are designed to meet the needs of organizations that want to run their own custom packet-processing applications. Based on a Linux platform, they support 10GbE/40GbE and deliver 100% accurate packet capture with industry leading performance.

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DAG Data Capture Cards

DAG™ technology lies at the core of all our network visibility and recording solutions. Our extensive range of DAG cards support up to 40GbE and SONET OC192, SDH STM64 clear channel or channelised to OC3/STM-1. DAG cards are perfect for organizations wanting to build their own, high-performance packet capture and packet processing solutions, but needing to ensure they're accurately capturing and time stamping every packet off the wire.

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Accessories and Support


To complement our range of systems we offer a comprehensive range of accessories that help organizations to get the most out of their Endace systems.

Accessories include EndaceTDS™ timing distribution servers, transceivers and other important components for creating an effective recording fabric.

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Every Endace System comes with a standard 12-month hardware warranty which covers repair or replacement of any faulty hardware. On top of the basic warranty we offer three levels of support: Standard, Premium, and DAG Card Support, to reflect the different levels of support that different customers require.

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