The Benefits of an Open Analytics Platform

Deploying an open Analytics Platform has significant benefit over deploying multiple single-function analytics appliances. From dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your budget to ensuring fast, accurate response to security threats and performance issues on your network.

More Efficient Use of Your Budget

A platform approach to analytics allows much more efficient use of available budgets.

The number of appliances in the datacenter can be reduced by consolidating analytics functions onto a common hardware platform. This lowers the CAPEX cost by removing the need to purchase multiple, single-function analytics appliances. It also removes the OPEX overhead of managing multiple appliances from multiple vendors and hosting them in datacenters where they consume power and take up valuable rack space.

Once an Analytics Platform has been deployed on the network, deploying analytics functions no longer requires a hardware roll-out – dramatically reducing the cost of deployment and accelerating the rollout of new or upgraded analytics functions. The license cost of software-based analytics is typically significantly lower than the cost of purchasing dedicated analytics appliances too.

Companies often tell us they can’t afford to deploy enough analytics appliances in enough parts of the network, and they are forced to settle for fewer tools than they’d like.

By deploying Analytics Platforms, companies can use their budgets more effectively. They can purchase and deploy more analytics platforms in more areas of the network, extending visibility into areas of the network not previously covered. And they can deploy additional analytics functions that they need but couldn’t previously afford because it required deploying dedicated appliances.

Even better, if requirements change in the future there’s no hardware rip-and-replace to upgrade or replace specific analytics functions. That means you can sweat your Analytics Platform assets for longer, deriving maximum return on your CAPEX investment.

Find out how deploying Analytics Platforms redefines the Economics of Analytics and delivers more for your money.


Network packets are the ultimate source of truth about what’s happened on the network. They are deterministic. As we like to say, “packets don’t lie”.

Access to packet-level Network History lets analysts quickly and precisely determine the severity of security threats or the root cause of performance issues. It removes the ambiguity that can otherwise result from relying on Syslogs, NetFlow data and log files to investigate security or performance issues.

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Once Analytics Platforms are deployed across the network, new analytics functions can be deployed at will. All without requiring a hardware truck-roll.

Integrating Network History into security and performance analytics tools accelerates the investigation process. Analysts can click on an alert and go directly to the underlying packets to see what happened, reducing investigation times from hours or days to just minutes. They can respond more quickly to security threats or performance problems and minimize the impact.

Find out how integrated Network History Revolutionizes the Investigation Process.

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Typically, multiple organizational groups are involved in the evaluation, purchase, deployment and management of analytics appliances. This leads to competing objectives.

Operational teams – NetOps, SecOps and DevOps – are concerned with what functionality the solution provides. IT Operations teams are focused on the ongoing maintenance overhead and want to simplify the architecture of their datacenters to remove complexity and simplify management.

The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform simplifies this issue by separating the management of the platform from the management of the analytics functions that are deployed on it. And it provides powerful, centralized management that allows deployments of hundreds of EndaceProbes to be managed efficiently.

This functional separation untangles the competing objectives of these different groups allowing them all to meet their objectives:

  • IT Operations gets efficient management and can consolidate multiple appliances onto a common platform to reduce complexity and standardize network design.
  • NetOps, SecOps and DevOps teams get to select their chosen analytics functions and deploy them where and when they need to, without requiring a hardware deployment. And they can all share access to a common analytics platform.

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