The Open Endace Platform
Meeting the Challenge of Network Analytics with Full Packet Capture

Full packet capture is essential for a wide range of analytics needs – from security threat detection and investigation to network and application performance monitoring (NPM and APM). As a result, packet capture capability is built into many analytics appliances.

Currently, organizations are paying over and over for this capability: not just in capital outlay, but in the cost of deploying, hosting and managing multiple appliances from multiple vendors.

In addition, although these appliances capture packets – with varying degrees of accuracy - they usually don’t record the packets once they’ve been analyzed. Which means when security or performance monitoring tools spot a problem and raise an alert, the crucial evidence is gone.

So, we created the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform.

A platform that lets you:

Be Certain

Network History makes sure you capture the evidence the first time something happens.

So you can see threats when they happen.

Be Agile

Respond faster to incidents with definitive evidence.

Deploy the tools you want,
where and when you want them.
With no truck rolls.

Save Money

Consolidate the functions of multiple security and performance analytics appliances
onto a common platform.


Why an Open Packet Capture and Analytics Platform Makes Sense

Just as virtualization has revolutionized the deployment and management of servers and applications, so too will virtualization revolutionize analytics. But it requires a distributed analytics platform capable of recording every packet, and making that packet history available to the teams and tools that need it.

The articles below outline why deploying a common hardware platform is the future of network analytics.

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How about a Demo?

Integrating Network History into your security and performance monitoring tools gives you definitive evidence at your fingertips.

Find out just how fast and accurate your investigations could be.

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