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Fusion connector for Dynatrace : AA-NPM with 100% Packet Capture

Modern, connected organizations must work hard to ensure consistent response times and 100% uptime for users, all within an environment of large, complex, multi-tiered, geographically dispersed collections of applications, middleware, databases and networks.

This is further complicated because different IT organizational units are often responsible for different parts of the application infrastructure. Network teams, database teams, web application developers, and others often operate in independent silos with each team using different monitoring tools. When things go wrong, this distributed structure often leads to a war room approach with assembled teams all finger pointing, making it difficult to ascertain exactly where the cause of an issue lies and how to resolve it.

A comprehensive, robust monitoring solution shared by all IT organizational units is needed. One that is dedicated to the end-user experience with real-time visibility into, and a complete record of, all application transactions across all tiers of the application delivery infrastructure. To enable truly accurate issue analysis and resolution, this history needs to provide an accurate, packet-level record of traffic. Ultimately, only the actual packets can provide the irrefutable truth about where the problem lies and what’s causing it.

Dynatrace DC RUM and EndaceProbes

Dynatrace DC RUM is a true Application-Aware Network Performance Management (AA-NPM) tool with an inherent, deep understanding of the performance, scalability and predictability of all applications in the data center, including Citrix, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Microsoft Exchange and many others. DC RUM provides an accurate picture of the end user’s experience of performance across the entire application delivery chain by correlating, in real-time, metrics at the network level with rich application performance management data.

EndaceProbes complement DC RUM by capturing and recording all network traffic from across the monitored tiers providing a 100% accurate historical record of network activity. Using the Fusion connector, DC RUM Central Analysis Server (CAS) users can rapidly pivot from an event of interest to relevant packets captured on EndaceProbes seamlessly, and quickly extract them for further analysis.

Additionally, the DC RUM Agentless Monitoring Device (AMD) can run on any deployed EndaceProbe in Endace Application Dock™, receiving real-time access to the same 100% accurate packet data stream being captured to disk.


  • Visibility into applications running on high-speed, multi-tier infrastructure, including:
    • Citrix/WTS – Citrix or Windows Terminal Server
    • Database – Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Informix
    • Middleware – WebSphere MQ, Tuxedo, SOAP/XML
    • SAP – including SAP RFC & DB
    • Oracle eBusiness – Oracle Forms (including DB)
    • VoIP, MS Exchange
  • Packet capture for multiple 10Gb Ethernet networks
  • Fast and accurate fault domain isolation leading to root cause identification and repair
  • Packet traces provide actionable information for network teams
  • Applications teams use Dynatrace Network Analyzer (DNA) with packet history extracted from EndaceProbes
  • Data center consolidation and efficiencies via hosting AMD in Application Dock on EndaceProbes

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