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Arista Networks switches and EndaceProbe Network Recorders deliver a powerful combination

Pairing Arista switches with a suite of EndaceProbe Network Recorders delivers an IT best practice network recording fabric, creating a reliable foundation that monitoring and security tools can leverage for optimal effectiveness at 10GbE, 40GbE and even 100GbE link speeds

EndaceProbe Network Recorders and Arista switches can be deployed to form an application-aware “network history layer” that, in addition to providing first-level data analysis and pervasive network history, also allows the data flow of interest to be steered to multiple downstream network and security tools via the SDN switch fabric.

This preserves the complex and computationally expensive analysis for specific—and relevant—events, rather than the spray-and-pray approach most often seen today. It also ensures the accuracy of these tools and their output, dramatically improving the overall effectiveness and time-to-resolution (TTR) of network and security operations teams.