Application Performance Monitoring

Complete visibility into application performance and user experience

Complete visibility into application performance and user experience

Application performance management tools used by application development and IT teams are simply not designed to track the interplay between networks and applications. Most problem resolution requires the use of two or more tools and, even with those, the root cause of a performance issue often remains hidden and causes “re-occurring gray problems” that inconsistently plague end-user experience and “zombie support tickets” that can never be resolved.

In most instances, both the application team and the network team need to work together to understand the interplay between the application and each element on the network. With insufficient data to determine where the problem lies, often the result is finger pointing between teams with the result that resolving the problem takes far too long.

Using EndaceProbe™ Network Recorders to capture and store a 100% accurate record of network traffic allows both application and network teams to see application protocols down to the transaction level. This highly accurate source of data gives both teams the ability to drill down to and isolate performance issues between each network element for end-to-end troubleshooting and optimization, which, in turn, reduces the mean-time-to-resolution.

For performance monitoring tools that rely on NetFlow, EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generators can deliver greater accuracy through their ability to generate pure (unsampled) NetFlow records at a full 40Gbps line rate. This ensures monitoring tools see a complete picture of the flows on the network and don't miss critical events. It also offloads NetFlow generation from switches and routers, enabling them to handle peak loads more efficiently.

Through the Fusion Ecosystem Program, Endace has partnered with leading vendors to provide powerful, Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AA-NPM) that enables organizations to comply with performance SLAs, maximize network and IT assets and resources, and reduce the costs of operating their IT infrastructure.

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